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Dance is our medium for creative collaborations and dance is how Dreamwalker Dance Company engages artists from all disciplines, communities from all backgrounds, and audiences from all ages. We have a mandate to reach out and empower youth and disadvantaged audiences to connect with their own bodies and the wonderful world of art.

Teacher Testimonials


“I have observed Andrea Nann develop and implement age specific material for workshops with students in both elementary and secondary schools. She addresses social and political issues through dance/movement with students of all ages with care and sensitivity.

By drawing on issues of personal and social significance, the artistic work becomes highly relevant and meaningful to the students. Ms. Nann is also highly skilled at eliciting responses from students. Her carefully designed and sequential process inevitably leads to very fine work.

I have seen numerous dance and drama works created by her students and, always, they take my breath away. Ms. Nann’s process involves the students as thinkers, evaluators, interpreters and creators.”

– Christine Jackson, District-wide Program Coordinator for Arts, Toronto District School Board.

“Andrea’s collaborative approach has fulfilled and enhanced the arts curriculum at Montrose … I have literally been astounded by the work she has done with our students.”

– Susan Wieler, Montrose Public School, Toronto

“I’m on the final stages of the 2012 Pulse Documentary and I have to say we have such beautiful footage of your workshop. It was one of the most memorable and potent experiences for me this year at Pulse. I thank you so much for your sensitivity and insight as you help young people discover themselves and find their personal voice through the art of dance.”

– Carmelina Martin, David Suzuki Secondary School, Brampton

Student Testimonials


“Andrea really inspired me to open up my heart and express myself in ways that no one has ever seen. She taught me how to be me. I think that dance is Happiness because you get this amazing feeling when you dance. To me dance is my way of speaking and a type of bravery!”

– Crystal

“I never knew I had such a positive opinion about dance in my heart. And from that moment I began seeing things differently. I felt better about myself. Right then I realized that in her last moments with us, Andrea had taught me a very important lesson in life: always believe in your heart and trust your true self that you can achieve your goals.”

– Afrin

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